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Valtchev Uterine Mobilizer
Sterilization Tray
Vaginal Delineator
Valtchev uterine manipulators

The Valtchev® Uterine Mobilizer is one of the first and still the best uterine manipulator on the market!

  • Model VUM-6 outperforms its predecessor the VUM-5
  • Increases the range of movement from 120º to 135º
  • Allows 15º retroversion
  • Cost effective and reusable
  • Ergonomically designed to enable single handed manipulation
  • Does not have cumbersome and ineffective balloons
  • Also includes the Valtchev® Tenaculum which corresponds to the 15º retroversion

Video Presentations

VUM-6 Range of Movement


VUM-6 Disassembly


VUM-6 Insertion Technique